ImageXtender 1.0

Improve Windows Image Viewer's capabilities

Windows features an embedded image viewer to take a quick look at your pictures. View full description


  • Seamlessly embedded into Windows
  • Support for 200 formats


  • Doesn't seem to work with all formats as promised

Not bad

Windows features an embedded image viewer to take a quick look at your pictures.

However, this viewing tool soon falls too short when trying to view certain graphic formats, especially other than the most popular ones like JPG, BMP, PNG or GIF. This is where ImageXtender comes in handy, as it improves Windows standard image viewer so that it's able to open more than 200 graphics formats. At least this is the theory, because I must admit I did have problems to open some files (such as a PSD file from Photoshop) after installing ImageXtender and also rebooting the PC – just in case.

The good thing about ImageXtender is that you don't need to learn how to use it. It patches the standard Windows image viewer, adding new functionality without changing its interface at all. This means you wouldn't even notice that ImageXtender has been installed, if it weren't for the new program group in the Start menu, from which you can change the program's preferences.

ImageXtender looks promising but still fails to display some graphic formats.

Install ImageXtender and save your money. If you want to view various graphics files produced by different programs, you do not have to buy all these programs. View them in Windows Explorer with the help of ImageXtender.

ImageXtender is a program you won't have to learn. You don't need to waste your energy and time learning how to work with modern image viewers and their sophisticated interfaces. ImageXtender displays all your images in Windows Explorer. Everything will work in a simple, usual way .

Windows Explorer can preview only 5 file formats. ImageXtender gives you the ability to view more than 200 formats without any additional interfaces. This is a product of great functionality and top quality.



ImageXtender 1.0

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